The Riparian Areas Protection Regulation

The Riparian Areas Protection Regulation (RAPR) is Provincial legislation that requires local governments to protect riparian areas during residential, commercial, and industrial developments in order to maintain the features, functions and conditions that support fish habitat. A RAPR Assessment may be required when considering development near watercourses, ditches, or wetlands.

Envirowest has the scientific and technical knowledge in determining the applicability of the RAPR to development projects, conducting RAPR assessments in accordance with the standardized RAPR assessment methodology, and completing and submitting RAPR Assessment Reports to the provincial online Riparian Areas Regulation Notification System (RARNS) for review and audit.

LWD, Bank and Channel Stability Zones of Sensitivity

Shade Zone of Sensitivity

Litter Fall and Insect Drop Zones of Sensitivity

Streamside Protection and Enhancement Area