The Company

Envirowest is a Canadian-owned professional consultancy committed to providing our clients state-of-the-art services in the environmental sector. We deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to project demands. These solutions incorporate both classical and contemporary knowledge regarding the subject at hand, ensuring that tried- and-tested approaches are advanced with new knowledge, providing adaptive approaches to problem resolution that adequately serves the needs of the project.

The staff at Envirowest are capable in delivering services at both the management and technical levels. Envirowest is experienced at working both independently and as part of an integrated team. We have provided services through a variety of project delivery methods, including consultant-owner relationships, public-private partnerships and design-build processes.

The foundation of our approach to our work is ‘saper vedere’ (‘to know how to see’).

‘To see’, however, is more than what is simply observed by sight alone. It is the ability to interpret what is observed, and translate that interpretation into the context of the task at hand. We engage the task fully, supporting our observations with contemporary, scientific and state-of-the-art information. Solutions integrate multiple values, and are sustainable both economically and ecologically.


External Resources

Species at Risk Act

This web site is operated by Environment Canada. It provides information about the Species at Risk Act, invasive species, biodiversity, aquatic species, migratory birds, wildlife research. Visit Website

Riparian Areas Protection Regulation

Riparian areas link water to land. They border streams, lakes, and wetlands. The blend of streambed, water, trees, shrubs and grasses in a riparian area provides fish habitat, and directly influences it. Visit Website

The Stewardship Centre for BC

This web site provides access to numerous environmental stewardship documents, Promotes and delivers stewardship education and champions science-based stewardship practices. Visit Website

Working Near Water In BC and Yukon

This web site is operated by Fisheries and Oceans Canada. It provides information regarding planning and conducting activities near or within water. Visit Website