Design & Construction

Fish & Wildlife Habitat

Envirowest is an industry leader in the design and construction of fish and wildlife habitats. We possess an intricate understanding of the relationships between physical and biological elements of natural environments and how these relationships sustain habitat functions for fish and wildlife.


We are a leader in the design and construction of wetlands within British Columbia. We have been involved in the design and/or construction of more than 200 hectares of wetlands. These wetlands range from features integrated within natural landscapes to provide ecosystem functions, to elements of storm water systems that treat runoff from developed landscapes. Envirowest has designed and/or constructed wetlands ranging in size from tens of square metres to several hectares.


Envirowest is a leader within British Columbia in the design and construction of streams and associated streamside (i.e. riparian) features. We have designed elaborate channel systems that incorporate riparian woodlands and wetlands. We maintain a network of suppliers that can provide natural building materials for streams, such as large diameter rocks and coarse woody debris, to achieve a channel morphology characteristic of natural systems and the ecosystem functions they provide.


Numerous shoreline environments occur throughout British Columbia. The marine coast, estuaries, the lower reaches of large rivers, and lakes host some of the more conspicuous of these environments. Envirowest has conducted the design and construction of many ecological features within shoreline environments, including reefs, islands, wetlands and woodlands. We have participated in the integrated design of shoreline amenities, such as shoreline parks and trail systems, that incorporate ecological features.

Middle Arm Experiential Walk
The northern margin of the Olympic Speed Skating Oval facility is defined by the City of Richmond's Middle Arm Dyke Trail. The trail, accordingly named due to its proximity to the Middle Arm of the Fraser River estuary, provides…
Fraser River Pile & Dredge Ltd.'s No.5 Road Facility Upgrade - Fraser River
Fraser River Pile & Dredge Ltd. operates an aggregate and bulk material handling facility on the Fraser River, at No.5 Road, Richmond. Logistical operations associated with a barge ramp required expanded capability to stage materials. The expansion in the…
Richmond Olympic Speed Skating Oval
Envirowest was retained by Cannon Design on behalf of the City of Richmond to provide environmental consulting services associated with the design and construction of the Richmond Olympic Speed Skating Oval (Oval). We prepared a biophysical assessment report, which…