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Canada Line Richmond, Vancouver International Airport

City of Richmond, City of Vancouver — British Columbia
RAV Project Management Ltd.
Service Sectors
Design & Construction, Monitoring & Assessment, Permitting
BCEAA, CEAA, Compensation Habitat Design, Construction Monitoring, Contract Administration, DFO Authorization, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Monitoring, Intertidal Wetland Design, Riparian Design, Technical Authority, Wetland Design

The Canada Line is a rapid transit system connecting central Richmond, the Vancouver International Airport and downtown Vancouver. Envirowest was retained by RAV Project Management Ltd., a subsidiary of the Greater Vancouver Transit Authority, to conduct a Fisheries and Aquatic Assessment as part of a harmonized Environmental Assessment conducted under the auspices of the BC Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

The Fisheries and Aquatic Assessment examines impacts to fisheries and aquatic resources prospectively associated with the conceptual design, construction and operation of the project. It prescribes impact mitigation and compensation measures for incorporation within the detailed planning and design-build phases of the project. Envirowest participated in the stakeholder consultation process, including public information meetings and open houses, meetings with the agency working group, and meetings with key stakeholders, including First Nations.

Upon issuance of the Environmental Certificate by the Environmental Assessment Office, Envirowest was retained by InTransit BC, the design-build concessionaire, to participate in the design for construction of the Project, in particular, the review of the design and its compliance with the commitments and assurances of the Environmental Certificate and the Subsection 35(2) Fisheries Act Authorization (Fisheries and Oceans Canada) issued to the project. Envirowest conducted the design for the construction of compensation habitats and represented InTransit BC as the technical authority during the administration of the contract for habitat works. We are currently monitoring the efficacy of compensation habitats in satisfying the performance requirements of project approvals.

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