Envirowest Consultants Inc.

Grant Hill Estates is a 106 lot subdivision within the District of Maple Ridge. A large part of the subdivided land parcel is dedicated to park and forest reserves. The community infrastructure includes a self-contained sanitary system with onsite disposal of treated sewage effluent.

Envirowest, in collaboration with the project's civil engineer, developed a comprehensive stormwater management plan for the subdivision. We designed elements of the stormwater system, including infiltration swales and other conveyances that provide fish and wildlife habitat benefits in addition to drainage. We provided design guidance, including field directions, for the enhancement of historic ditches as fish habitat, ditches that are direct tributaries to Cedar Creek, a watercourse encapsulated by the community.

The effluent discharge of the sanitary system is registered in accordance with the Municipal Sewage Regulation, Waste Management Act. An Environment Impact Study (EIS) was required for registration. Envirowest prepared the EIS as a component of the application for registration.