Construction of a new truck parking and holding facility at the Huntington (Abbotsford) border crossing to the USA was undertaken by the BC Ministry of Transportation with funding partially provided by the federal Department of Transportation. Envirowest prepared project review application packages for submission to regulatory agencies. The packages included an environmental impact assessment that addressed the information requirements for agency reviews pursuant to the federal Fisheries Act, the federal Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, and the provincial Water Act. A condition of the of the Section 35(2) Fisheries Act Authorization was the requirement to construct new fish habitat within the Fraser River Trout Hatchery complex. A 180 metre long channel was constructed through existing woodland; groundwaters treated and discharged by the hatchery were directed into the channel. The design incorporated habitat features utilized by adult and juvenile salmonids, including spawning beds, overhead woody debris, undercut root masses, and small and large rearing pools. Native tree and shrub species were planted along the banks. The constructed habitats were utilized by spawning chum and coho salmon during the 5 year post-construction assessment undertaken by Envirowest. Juvenile coho salmon, cutthroat and rainbow trout, and several non-salmonid species were also documented to utilize the channel.