Balsam Creek occurs within Silver Valley, Maple Ridge. Historical impacts to the creek are attributable to the operation of a gravel pit and to the harvest of trees at and about the creek channel. These impacts were significant, and included several relocations of the creek channel.

For the past 15 years, Envirowest has been providing professional services to clients involved in residential development at and about Balsam Creek and associated riparian woodlands. These services have included fish and wildlife habitat restoration and enhancement works, including reconstruction of the creek channel to increase the volume and tenure of flows. This was achieved, in part, through the installation a high density polyethylene (HDPE) liner. Other flow enhancement works include relatively elaborate stormwater features within the upper catchment area of the creek; these features recapture drainage for Balsam Creek that had been diverted from the creek by horse trail ditches.

Riparian plantings have been a significant component of restoration and enhancement works. Plantings have involved both the salvage of native plant species from development areas, and the planting of native plant species supplied by nurseries. The removal of non-native invasive plant species has been an ongoing activity during residential development.