The Southeast False Creek Olympic Village project is defined by the redevelopment of 50 acres of former industrial lands into a comprehensive community that will be the hallmark for sustainable development. A critical component of the redevelopment is the creation of a large shoreline park corridor that integrates natural features with recreational amenities.

Envirowest was retained by Golder Associates Ltd. on behalf of the City of Vancouver to provide technical and design support for the shoreline park component of the Village project. Envirowest liaised with the City of Vancouver and other consultants in the development of a multiple value design process that sought to achieve a balance between programmed amenities. In this regard, environmental features that support marine life within False Creek were integrated within the overall design of the shoreline park. A major feature of the design is an island.

Envirowest designed the island and interfacing shoreline elements of the mainland. We provided technical support to the contract administrator during construction and planting of the island.

The restoration of habitat features along the shoreline of False Creek provided immediate benefits to the ecology of this water body. Herring spawned throughout the project shoreline during the first spring following construction.