Envirowest Consultants Inc.

Envirowest was retained by Cannon Design on behalf of the City of Richmond to provide environmental consulting services associated with design and construction of the Richmond Olympic Speed Skating Oval (Oval). We prepared a biophysical assessment report, which accompanied the comprehensive Canadian Environmental Assessment Act report for Heritage Canada. The biophysical report described fish and wildlife habitats within the Oval property, and prospective utilization of the property by fish and wildlife species of concern, specifically those species defined by the Species at Risk Act and the Fisheries Act.

Envirowest participated in the development of a stormwater management plan for the Oval, including the design of a stormwater treatment marsh and associated landscaping. We liaised with Fisheries and Oceans Canada regarding the landscape design surrounding Hollybridge Canal, a water feature encapsulated by the overall project design. Envirowest assisted the City of Richmond in addressing environmental aspects of the project throughout the design, construction and operation phases