The Westin Bayshore Hotel is located along the shoreline of Coal Harbour, Burrard Inlet. Redevelopment of the shoreline was a major component of redevelopment of the overall hotel site.

Envirowest conducted an biophysical inventory of the project shoreline to facilitate an assessment of the environmental impacts associated with several design options. We participated in the comprehensive design of the project, working with architects and engineers to achieve a design that satisfied the needs of the client and addressed the requirements of the City of Vancouver, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Port of Vancouver.

Envirowest prepared an environmental management plan for the construction phase of the project. We monitored construction activities to ensure adequate mitigation of construction related impacts to the shoreline environment.

A pile-supported walkway and promontory were constructed along 650 metres of shoreline. The shoreline also hosts 7900 square metres of constructed intertidal and subtidal habitats for marine invertebrates, fish and birds. Envirowest monitored these habitats for five years to assess the efficacy of constructed habitats in satisfying the performance objectives stipulated in the Section 35(2) Fisheries Act Authorization for project related impacts. The monitoring results demonstrated that the habitats had satisfied performance objectives.